Campaign management platform for both influencers and brands

We provide an easy to use solution for all of your influencer marketing activities. Whether you’re a brand or an influencer, we have tools that can help you manage your campaigns, find new collaborations, track your performance and much more.

And absolutely free.

Why free?

We aim to make influencer marketing available to everyone. For now, most influencer software is expensive to purchase. This makes it difficult for brands to find the right influencers, and hard for influencers to prove their worth and find new commercial partners.

By making our software free to use, we hope to give more brands the opportunity to find the right influencers and create great campaigns with proven worth. We hope our influencers will have more offers for collaborations from professional partners with the right brand fit.

A message from our CEO

We think the influencer marketing industry is in need for change. A step into a new digital phase is long overdue for the industry.

There is a discrepancy in the market where the majority of stakeholders involved in influencer marketing campaigns earn a lot of money, however this unfortunately does not include the ones that do most of the work - influencers and brands.

More often than not 60-90% of the investment never reaches the influencers, but instead gets spent on inefficient handling fees and coordination.

At Sheer our vision is to acknowledge the people who through their hard work creates the true value and impact of influencer marketing. This is achieved through our end-to-end platform where we offer tools for you to find new collaborations, track your campaign performance, general campaign view and management and much more.

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