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Frequently asked questions

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    • How many influencers are onboarded on Sheer?

      Many - but the number changes constantly as we and our customers onboard more and more influencers. It is important to note, however, that at Sheer we do not scrape or add fake influencers or data. All our influencers have actively signed up, their data is real and verified, and you can contact them for potential collaborations through the platform.

    • Which platforms do you support?

      Sheer can be used for all platforms when it comes to management, booking, negotiation, content approval, etc. Our reporting currently covers Instagram and Facebook.

    • How many users and brands can I add?

      An unlimited number. The price is the same whether you have 1 user or 100.

    • Can agencies or master brands manage multiple brands/accounts?

      Yes, without any issues. We have designed the system so that you can divide your access into brands, markets, clients, or whatever you want. This makes it easy to collaborate across teams.

    • Does Sheer work in other markets?

      Sheers features are applicable across all your markets without any additional costs.